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We know WordPress inside and out. Over the years, we’ve developed plugins that save us time and money. WordPress is all about sharing, so we’ve decided to release them so you can save too.

For any question, comment or suggestion, please contact us at wordpress-plugins@nuagelab.com.


Automatic Domain Changer

This plugin detects a domain change, and search/replace the old domain by the new one in all WordPress tables. Perfect for migrating your staging website on production without a hassle.

For the tech guy: it works better than your typical mysqldump | sed -e 's/olddomain/newdomain/g' because it is PHP object compatible, and it won’t ruin serialized data.

Status: Stable
Language(s): English, French, Spanish, Slovak
Version: 2.0.2
Rating: 86/100
Downloads: 78127



This plugin allows the easy creation of redirections from arbitrary addresses to pages/posts/external addresses..

Status: Stable
Language(s): English, French
Version: 1.0.1
Rating: 100/100
Downloads: 896



This plugin allows easy installation of ezFlippr.com web flip books on WordPress powered web sites.

Status: Stable
Language(s): English, French
Version: 1.1.37
Rating: 100/100
Downloads: 12239

Safe Attachment Names

Accented file names can cause various problems when hosting or transferring a web site from a server to another.

This plugin automatically detects and changes the name of attachments containing special characters such as accented letters.

For example: if a user uploads a file named “L’École de Éric Rémillard.png”, the file name will be transformed and the file will be stored as “L_Ecole_de_Eric_Remillard.png”.

Status: Stable
Language(s): English, French
Version: 1.0.0
Rating: 0/100
Downloads: 600

External Image Replacement

This plugins scans your posts for external images, downloads them, and add them to your media library. It is particularly useful when you’ve got people copy-pasting content that includes images from an old site to the new one.

Status: Internal beta, to be released soon